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Life on maternity leave doesn't need to be just about the kids. Make some time for yourself and use your brain for something other than nap and feeding times.  
Introducing Mum School, super short classes on a new topic each week. Designed with maternity leave Mums in mind, it is a chance to get out, learn something and make friends. From photography to make-up, we bring you the professional's top tips. Quick 45 minute sessions where you can bring your baby. (under one's only) 
All Mums welcome whether on maternity leave or not! Get your tickets online as classes sell out fast.



Just like signing up for gymbaroo or swimming for your baby. You get to sign up for something just for you.

Our classes are based around topics unrelated to babies so we can start using our brains again.

The classes work alongside school terms and run for 10 weeks. If you miss a session you will be sent all of the material so you won't miss out.

As a mum I know myself how difficult it is to make a commitment, especially when it comes to you. As a Mum, I also know how important that time for you is. Be kind, be strong, be part of our group. 



Mum of Two Tiny Humans



I absolutely adore my mums group, but all we talk about is babies! Mums School is a Mums group with a different focus. I wanted to use my brain in a totally un-baby related way, oh and not feel guilty about doing it. 

Mum School is about getting out of the house and learning something new. Having time off to bond with your bub is awesome, but maternity leave can leave Mums forgetting about the outside world. My goal is to engage the Mum Mind, nourish it and have fun whilst doing it. 

All Mum School teachers are professionals that can offer further services and/or classes if you are keen to find out more after each class.



Mum School has been a great way to learn more about some fun and interesting topics (e.g. photography, health & fitness etc) while on mat leave. It is a relaxed format so bringing the bub and no trouble, and Jess, being a mum herself, looks after them while you can take a bit of time for yourself. Highly recommend!!!

Sarah Saville

Mum school is a great place for new and experienced mums to meet and learn some new skills refresh old skills, meet like minded mums and talk about something other than babies!

Louisa Paech

Love this idea - short sessions to learn new skills and meet like-minded mums! Get a lot out of these to test-drive a potential next career move or just learn something fun. I loved getting out and doing something for myself for a change.

Emma Sage


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    Sick of asking hubby to do it? Just learn how to DIY!!
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    Get awesome tips on how to take the best photos.
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    Need help making your face look not so tired? We got ya back Momma.

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