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I have been hypnotising people for over 8 years and have helped people overcome anxieties, phobias and insomnia. Hypnosis has been around since the 1700's and is an accepted form of medical treatment. I would love for you to try it.


Hypnosis has a wide range of applications. These include getting over fears and phobias, weight loss, negative memories, insomnia, and quitting smoking to name a few. It can help people change perceptions and sensations, and is particularly useful in treating pain. Hypnotherapy works by empowering people to change and update subconscious beliefs


Your brain works differently while in a hypnotised state. Hypnosis allows the brain to bypass the conscious part of the mind. It ‘turns off’ the desire to ask questions or take note of surroundings. Instead, the brain gains hyperawareness, a state of being in control of your surroundings without consciously thinking about it.


Hypnosis feels different to different people. People who have undergone hypnosis report different feelings whilst “under”. Some describe their experience like falling asleep with the TV on, while others report feeling heavy. Others use words like “light” or “floating”. Since we all internalise experiences differently, it makes sense that the feeling of hypnosis is different for each person.



Surviving the pandemic

The impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, physical distancing and isolation can make us feel anxious, stressed and worried. When we aren’t able to see our friends and family regularly, it can be harder to keep on top of how we’re feeling. Being aware of how you’re feeling and knowing what you can do to look after your mental wellbeing is an important part of staying healthy during this challenging time. 
I have worked with clients to help ease the stresses caused by covid and can work with you too!

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