I just love working with Mums

I absolutely adore my mums group, but all we talk about is babies! Mums School is a Mums group with a different focus. I wanted to use my brain in a totally un-baby related way, oh and not feel guilty about doing it. 

Mum School is about getting out of the house and learning something new. Having time off to bond with your bub is awesome, but maternity leave can leave Mums forgetting about the outside world. My goal is to engage the Mum Mind, nourish it and have fun whilst doing it. 

All Mum School teachers are professionals that can offer further services and/or classes if you are keen to find out more after each class.

Support Group


Supporting Each Other

As soon as you become a Mum you enter into a world wide group of motherhood. Many Mums will have your back no matter what! We have a great collection of Sydney Mums that can help answer your questions or just listen if that is what you need.


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